Manage the Market


Authors go through a moment of exaltation after writing their first book and seeing it for sale on Amazon, but what happens the day after it is released?  Most newbies need to help market their book, especially authors who have not yet built a large fan base. While not a comprehensive list, here are some marketing strategies to let others know about your novel.


1)      Tweet away.  Follow people on Twitter with similar interests, respond to other authors, and look at authors’ posts.  Note how authors market their books on Twitter and do the same.  Keep up with Twitter on a daily basis.  The more you tweet, the more you build an audience.


2)      The same goes for Facebook.  Post regularly and have friends, family, and fans like your page.  Be shameless.  You are a proud author.  Promote yourself.  It is also important to create a personal page and a page for the book.  Keep your private life — private.  Your fans most likely do not want to see the hundred pictures of your cats, holiday parties, or family members.  If you can link Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Google accounts, it will make it easier for you to post. 


3)      Go on a virtual tour.  Many companies will host your book on a virtual tour for a reasonable price and help get the word out.  Bloggers are from all around the country and they have fans too.  Use a virtual tour to increase your exposure to new audiences.


4)      Set up a Goodreads and Amazon Author account . On Goodreads, find and join the reading communities who are interested in similar genres. Find people on Goodreads willing to read and review your book. The more reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, the more likely someone will take a chance and buy your amazing story.  Don’t forget to provide interesting information about yourself in your bio and share what makes your novel a must read.


5)      Network.  Get out there.  Attend conferences and conventions.  I went to a local arts festival and had my best sales to date at the one-day event.  Take the time to talk to others and tell people about your story.  You’ll make a lot of new friends and fans as well.  Don’t forget other avenues such as LinkedIn.  While most people use LinkedIn to promote business expertise, feel free to gloat about your writing abilities.  The more people who know about your talents, the better.  


Whatever happens, don’t give up. I went to a huge Agricultural Fair and sold one book the entire day.  While there are disappointments, remember your have a unique talent to share.  Keep writing and promoting. Your time and energy will pay off.  Image


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