Romance after the Apocalypse

Writing a romantic scene is scary. Writing a romance scene after the end of the world is worse. Seriously, how do you write about love and emotions when zombie battles are erupting every few minutes and Jenna and Caleb, the main characters, are fighting for survival?


First off, some background. I grew up in a very traditional, Catholic family, so love scenes can be tough to write. Catholic school guilt attacks every time. I attempted to conquer this fear of love scenes in Apocalipstick and book two in the series (no title yet), is zombies and romance 2.0.  


The funny thing is that while love scenes are hard to pen, I adore romance. The genre hooked me early, and I grew up reading novels by Judy Blume and Johanna Lindsey, and then moved on to Emily Bronte and Jane Austen.  Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favorites. As for how the zombies fit in, Dean Koontz and Stephen King took over my reading list after a while.  While entirely different genres, these authors inspire me to want to read more and write fiction. The offspring of my combined romance/horror fascination: Apocalipstick.


Since romance and horror are both in my blood, I wanted a story that provided a good dose of each, but to be realistic, who would be thinking about romance when death is lurking around the corner of every building?  Moving the characters to a safe place, the High Point Inn, helped build a more romantic mood.  The new setting let characters restore some order to the world and have enough stability to begin to think about each other.


Still, love doesn’t always happen quickly or easily. Jenna has to decide whether to play it safe or risk everything and start to feel something real. Again, this has to be hard after the apocalypse.  All the characters have lost loved ones, family, and friends.  At the inn, Jenna develops feelings for two men: Quentin, who reminds her of the past, and Caleb, who, while exotic and intoxicating, is not quite human.


Quentin is the boy you can be friends with and easily fall in love with.  He’s cute and has been able to retain a sense of humor even with all the chaos and death that surrounds the group.  Caleb is the polar opposite. Caleb is brooding and dark, but with a good soul deep down.  Jenna has to decide if Caleb is worth the effort or not. 


Check out Apocalipstick and decide for yourself if romance is possible after the undead rise.  Let me know if Jenna makes the right choice.   


Buy Apocalipstick at Eternal Press (use coupon code 20EPdb14 for 25% off), Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

 Twitter: @apocalipstick_



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