My Bucket List. What’s on Yours?

1. Go on a cattle drive
Long hours on horseback, my daughter and wranglers for company, open spaces and smelly cows. Sounds like heaven to me. Weird right?
2. Write a bestselling novel
Working really, really hard on this one.
3. Have one of my books made into a movie
Of course, I retain the rights to pick the actors who play each of the main characters. Jenna would be played by Chloe Grace Moretz who is Hit Girl in the movie Kick Ass. Nicholas Hoult from Warm Bodies gets to play Caleb.
4. Own a cottage in Ireland
Traveled to Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland for my sixteenth birthday and fell in love with the country (and a boy too). I went back and spent my junior year of college outside Dublin in Maynooth. Took my daughter to Ireland for her sixteenth birthday. I have no Irish in me, but one day, I hope to live there.
5. Visit Thailand
When I was young, my mom gave me a doll dressed in garb from Thailand and ever since then I wanted to visit. I have been so lucky in my life and spent time in Europe and Africa, but never Asia. Next stop Thailand.
6. Mountain bike across the United States for charity
I love biking and traveling. I have also lived a blessed life, and I would one day like to “pay it forward” a little bit. This would be the best of all worlds. Since I’m not in great shape, I would also be fine with mountain biking the East Coast from Maine to Florida.
7. Climb a mountain
Everyone needs a little more adventure in his or her life. Find me a big mountain (but smaller than Everest) and start me hiking.
8. Take my family to see the pyramids in Egypt
Egypt and the pyramids have always fascinated me. I would love to see them and then be able to write a novel based on the experience. My family tagging along for the experience is a huge bonus.
9. Own a farm
Working the land and raising animals sounds fun until its mid winter and I have to feed the horses at six in the morning. Still, I would love to own a farm, have an organic garden and a lot of horses. Maybe a couple sheep.
10. Meet Stephen King for coffee and discuss literature.
Seriously, who would not want to meet Stephen King? I worry I’d say something dumb, but it would be worth the risk.

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