Book Review: The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong is one of my new favorite authors, and her book, <i>The Gathering</i> does not disappoint. It is an interesting read for many reasons. The characters are well developed and a mystery is introduced right in the prologue. The dangers and mystery had me hungering for more answers early on, while the characters kept me hoping for answers at the end.

Maya, a teen in a small town, lives a sheltered life. The medical research company that owns most of the land in the area protects their employees and the local residents. I like the author’s slow set-up and the journey the reader takes while getting to know the characters, especially Maya. As a reader, I invested in what was happening in the town and to each of the characters. The end came too soon and didn’t provide any significant closure. It wasn’t even a cliffhanger, all the threads were left untied.

Normally, that might be a problem, but not in this case. I am looking forward to the next installment.

4.5/5 stars

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