Letter from Jenna about her first time seeing Caleb

This is a guest post originally featured at Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace.
Dear Caleb,
Since we’re apart for a short time and zombies are likely to attack when least expected, I thought I’d try to put my feelings on paper. Not one of my strong points, but here goes. I remember the first time I saw you.  Do you remember? I was in the graveyard after spending hours huddled in a cold tomb, waiting to be devoured by stalkers. I finally gathered enough courage to venture out into the night alone. So scared. Overwhelmed and terrified can’t even come close to describing the emotions coursing through me. I look around and there you were. 
I can imagine what you thought when you saw me. I was in survival mode.  It had been weeks since I had showered or even cared about finding a new set of clothes. I don’t know the last time I had eaten anything substantial. All I had was a ratty backpack, the handle of a shovel to use as a weapon, and my camouflage jacket. It is still huge on me today, but when you first saw me, the jacket must have looked as if it was hanging on a skeleton. I know what you are thinking right now. I should get rid of that stupid tattered jacket.  True, it’s old and worn out, but some things are worth keeping around.
You stared at me, but it felt like you were looking into my soul. You saw the real me inside the scared girl. My feet were stuck in place when you waved to me to come over.  I know that you were not alone, but I couldn’t focus on anyone else in the group, and I didn’t know if I should run in fear or climb into your arms and stay there. You’re not like anyone I have ever known.  So intense and confusing at times, but every moment with you makes each stalker-filled day worth living.  That first glimpse of you has turned into the best and worst moment of my life. You have taught me how to care about someone again, but in our deadly world, that is not always such a good thing. 


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