Racing to Read Review of Apocalipstick

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4 out of 5 Star

Jenna is one of the human survivors after a virus changed the world. Now stalkers roam the world looking for humans to eat and some humans have become something else. Something other. As Jenna travels with other survivors and others to High Point Inn they suffer loss and bond together as a group. At the Inn Jenna finds she has feelings for Caleb even if he is an other and not quite human. She has a hard time letting go of the past and not everyone who survived is good. Her feelings have her confused and the stalkers aren’t the only danger around.

Yes another book with undead which I love however his one has a new twist to it. If you don’t like books with zombies you may still like this one. They aren’t the real main focus of the book. There is something else called others and they are kind of like vampires but they aren’t the usual type. Jenna is a tough character who somehow always finds herself right in the middle of trouble. She doesn’t trust easy and with her past I can see why but she is a pretty good judge of character. It’s getting everyone to listen to her that is the problem. She likes Caleb but is torn and mostly just wants things to go back to the way it was before the virus. She has to learn that won’t happen and that she has a great guy right in front of her. Caleb is so awesome. He is always protecting Jenna and always there for her. This book has plenty of action and keeps you guessing what will happen next. As it seems some have different ideas on how the survivors should act. This leads to Jenna being right in danger again but she never seems to give up. I have to say I have to know what happens next and can’t wait for the next book. The author has done an amazing job with this book.

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