Review of Where Shadows Lie: Bay City by J.E. Cammon

Where Shadows Lie: Bay City by J.E. Cammon grabs the readers, drags them in, and doesn’t let go until the end. Bay City is full of interesting supernatural creatures that seem surprisingly human in many ways. Yes, they are strong, have special powers, and get into serious escapades, but they also have to deal with everyday drama.  The main protagonist, David, a lycanthrope, along with Jarvis, a vampire, and new acquaintance Nick, cannot stay out of trouble, but that makes for a very enjoyable read.

Page after page of adventure awaits the reader.  From monsters to mobsters, the book is full of action, mystery, and good versus evil.  What makes the story even more enjoyable are the characters, who are fresh and well presented.  Jarvis, one of the supernatural entities in the book, is a fully formed and interesting character, especially when the reader is introduced to his back story.  Where Shadows Lie: Bay City by J.E. Cammon is a quick read with a fresh perspective on some classic monsters.

I really enjoyed the book and recommend you start reading it soon!

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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