Book Lovers Blog Hop! December 15th-20th

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Join me at the Holiday Gift Exchange – Book Lovers Blog Hop! December 15th-20th. The Grand Prize will be a $100 Amazon Gift Card and many great books and giveaways.

Monday, December 15th

Patricia D. Eddy

Grace Ravel

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Meara Platt

Patricia Lynne

Traci Andrighetti

Shay West

Tui Snider

Wendy Garfinkle

S.K. Wills

Inga Kupp-Silberg

Barbara Winkes

Jennifer Ray

Cathi Shaw

Tuesday, December 16th

Celia Kennedy

Allyn Lesley

M. Homer

Wednesday, December 17th

PageCurl Publishing and Promotion

Camela Thompson

Ally Bishop

Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Jennifer/Jordan Marie

Mary Rowen

L.V. Lewis

Tami Lund


Dave O’Leary

Thursday, December 18th

Charis Pastor

Friday, December 19th

Allison Winfield

Brenda Moguez

Eden Connor

Karen Lenfestey

Angeline Fortin

Booktrope Publishing

Lisa Acerbo

Deena Remiel

Bev Elle

Saturday, December 20th

Julia Park Tracey

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  1. The Christmas my dad dresses as santa for my kids and the other grandkids. He had been drinking so when my husband was driving him home he told him, “pull over Santa needs to pee”. My husband come home just dying laughing.

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