New Reviews of Remote

Check out some highlight of my spotlights and reviews

From Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

Here is an excerpt

“It’s a nice change that the heroine of the story, Yara, has far more muscle and speed than her opposing main character, Joshua. I absolutely loved the toughness of Yara and the complementing softness of Joshua. The story is well written and I enjoyed every written word. I highly recommend to young adult readers who enjoy “believable” futuristic stories.”

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Another excerpt:
“Remote is definitely science fiction, with a large helping of romance. Yara is fighting for a life-changing cause, and they are living in a world where there is no middle ground. So is Joshua. And in the midst of this tense situation, feelings start to develop. There’s a lot of action in this book, which is to be expected, living in this kind of world. I found it be be an enjoyable read. I think you will, too.”
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