Searching Civilization by Jennifer Ott


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Genres: Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction


After leaving an abusive relationship, Andy Daniels heads back to Las Vegas to reunite with Earl, the love of her life, only to find him gone. Devastated from losing him, she realizes life holds for her several choices, return to her burnt-out hippie days at Berkley, succumb to society’s expectations and settle down with a suitable companion, or hold onto her faith in love and wait for her lost love to return. Andy chooses the latter.

To her friends, Andy’s clinging to love seems futile and even a little pathetic, yet no one seems to be able to deter her. As the years pass, Andy’s love grows past her love for Earl. She learns to appreciate the love of friendship, coworkers, neighbors and everyone who crosses her path, but mostly she learns to love herself. Her love grows to such epic levels that she simply cannot help become a magnet and attract what she desires most of all—the love she lost so many years ago.

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Relaxing in a chair, Andy stared at the starry sky. “I can’t believe I can study the stars every night. It was Earl’s and my dream to have a house like this. We used to hang out at this abandoned silver mine with this tiny shack. We joked it would be our home one day,” she said and took a sip of beer.

“You could do better than a shack,” Jake replied.

Andy stared at the sky. “It wasn’t the shack. It was the life—a sweet life away from civilization. It was a dream of being uncorrupted by society and its demands. Can you imagine living such a life?”

“Away from all people and the comforts of life? Is that what you really want?” Jake questioned.

“I want Earl, wherever he is. The comforts of life are meaningless without love,” Andy replied.
Jake gulped his beer. “Do you really believe there is no love out there for you besides Earl?”

“Yes,” she stated.

He dared to reach out for her hand. “Andy,” he said softly.

Andy retracted her arm. “You can go if you want.”

“I don’t want to go.” Jake sat upright and faced Andy. “I want you to be happy. I want to take care of you and give you a good life.”

“Thanks, but I never asked that of you.” She could feel the rage she thought she had expelled years ago start to surface, and then she just exploded all over her good friend. “Why the hell do men think they can waltz into a woman’s life and care for her? What makes you think you have what is good for me? Do you even know me, I mean really know me?”

Jake reclined back in his seat. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“No man does, but most do,” Andy spat. “Men always want to give a woman what they want to give them, what society tells them to give—a comfy life, a house and children. They think that is the answer for every woman and they expect every woman to want it. I had a man try to give me that, and it only brought me misery. Earl was the first man who offered me nothing, only himself and his love. In fact, it was me who pursued intimacy because I wanted to be with him, not with what he could provide.”

Jake fidgeted not knowing how to respond. “It’s hard loving a woman, wanting to provide for her and her not wanting to take it.”

Andy cooled. “I can understand. That’s why love is so precious when you find it, because it is more than providing for someone; love is simply being and existing for someone. You don’t have to do anything.” She sighed and reached out for his hand. “You’re trying too hard. Love isn’t an action; it’s a feeling. Once you feel it, you may come to find I am not your answer, and there is someone else who exists for you.” She turned to the sky and smiled. “Regardless of everything apparently lacking in my life, I know love exists for me.”

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About the Author:
Inspiration comes from watching way too much Monty Python. The abstract and the absurd way of looking at normal life, not only offers humor, but questions many problems in society in a light-hearted manner. If we can laugh at ourselves, if we can laugh at life, problems do not seem quite so difficult to tackle. In fact, problems are not as complicated as they seem; everything is very simple. If you can laugh at it, write about it and read about it, most likely one would think about it.

Jennifer Ott is an award-winning author. She is the author of several satire fiction Wild Horses, The Tourist and two non-fiction books Love and Handicapping and Ooh Baby Compound Me! She recently published, Serenidipidus, Edge of Civilization, A Soul to Shine and now her new release, Searching Civilization, which is the second part of a character inspired series, “Citizens of Civilization.”

She also is the host of the SuperJenius Show and the Poets First show on Artist First radio Network.
Jennifer Ott lives in Long Beach, California, enjoys the sun, the sand, the surf and lots of Mexican food.

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