Destroyed by Lies by Katie McKnight

Tara and Tom should have been enjoying an anniversary cruise and reigniting the passion in their marriage, but instead Tara is at Tom’s hospital bedside after a horrible accident. Destroyed by Lies is a slow-burning, intense read where one man’s deceptions impacts all those around him. The reader sits center stage as these lies come to light and each character deals with the reality of the situation before them.

It is hard to talk about the plot of the book without giving away spoilers. Once immersed in the pages, it is impossible to put the book down. The reader is caught up in the intertwined lives of the characters and how Tom’s actions and reactions have left Tara with a multitude of problems to deal with.

Tara, as a character, is well developed. The reader believes in her as a mother and a person struggling with many pressing issues. She has to care for her daughter, deal with her mother and in-laws, nurse a seriously injured husband, and then some… The problems keep coming. Her life is told both in the present and through the use of flashbacks, helping the reader understand the history of how she met and fell in love with Tom.

Tom – what can I say? Initially I felt horrified that he was in the hospital, hurt and in a coma and then I read on. Destroyed by Lies is worth the read to discover Tom’s story. Hate him or love him, the reader will want to make it to the end to find out what happens to the man.

Destroyed by Lies kept me interested from the start. Looking for a summer read, I highly recommend the book.

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