No Getting Over You by Shirleen Davies

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No Getting Over You – Book Seven, MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary Romance Series
Cassie MacLaren has come a long way since being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, a man she believed to be her future. Successful in her job at MacLaren Enterprises, dreaming of one day leading one of the divisions, she’s moved on to start a new relationship, having little time to dwell on past mistakes.
Matt Garner loves his job as rodeo representative for Double Ace Bucking Stock. Busy days and constant travel leave no time for anything more than the occasional short-term relationship—which is just the way he likes it. He’s come to accept the regret of leaving the woman he loved for the pro rodeo circuit.
The future is set for both, until a chance meeting ignites long buried emotions neither is willing to face.
Forced to work together, their attraction grows, even as multiple arson fires threaten Cassie’s new home of Cold Creek, Colorado. Although Cassie believes the danger from the fires is remote, she knows
the danger Matt poses to her heart is real
While fighting his renewed feelings for Cassie, Matt focuses on a new and unexpected opportunity offered by MacLaren Enterprises—an opportunity that will put him on a direct collision course with Cassie.
Will pride and self-preservation control their future? Or will one be strong enough to make the first move, risking everything, including their heart?
No Getting Over You, book seven in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary series, is a full-length novel with an HEA.
“Well, I should be going. Thanks for the beer.” Slipping a hand under the strap of her purse, she paused when Matt’s hand gripped her arm.
“Don’t leave yet. Stay and talk to me for a while.”
Glancing down at his hand, feeling the same jolt she’d always felt when he touched her, she bit her bottom lip, then pulled her arm free. “I really should head out.”
“Please, Cass.”
She’d seen that look before, knew he needed the comfort only a familiar soul could provide. For a brief moment, she wished he wanted her to stay because he still had feelings for her, not just because he needed the company of someone familiar. Pushing the foolish thought from her mind, she settled back on her chair.
“All right, for a little bit.” Pulling her unfinished beer toward her, she took a sip, looking up at the television.
“We got a lot accomplished today.”
She could feel his gaze boring into her, causing her skin to prickle with heat.
“Yes…yes, we did.” She could hear the slight rise in her voice.
“I think we can wrap up tomorrow.”
Clearing her throat, she glanced over at him. “Then where will you go?”
“Crooked Tree to meet with Skye. Possibly Mitch and Sean,” he answered, mentioning her cousins. “Do you ever go up that way?”
“I’ve been there twice. I’m due to go again. Skye wants us to meet with some of the rodeo committees together. She believes it will make a stronger impact on them if we both show up.” Cassie gripped her glass tighter, quelling the almost overpowering urge to reach out, run her fingers up his neck, and play with the long hair at his nape.
“You’re welcome to ride up with me.”
“What?” Her eyes widened as panic rippled through her. “No. I couldn’t do that. It would be crazy to…” Her voice trailed off as she gulped down the last of her beer, reaching for her purse again. “Look, I really have to leave.” She headed for the door, not looking back.
“Cass, wait up.” Matt dashed ahead of her, holding the door open. “I’ll walk you to your truck.”
“It’s not necessary—”
“Yes, it is.” He placed his hand on the small of her back, ignoring the heat which flamed at the contact as they walked the short distance to her truck.
Rummaging in her purse, she pulled out the keys, groaning when they slipped from her hand.
“I’ll get it.” Matt grabbed the keys and unlocked her door, then held it open, but blocked her entry. “I’m sorry if I said something wrong.”
Wanting only to get inside and get away, she shook her head. “You didn’t say anything wrong. I just need to leave.” She lifted her face, chin jutting toward him.
“Always in a hurry. Always somewhere to go.” He lifted his hand, letting a finger trail down her cheek, along the line of her jaw, then down her neck.

Excitement mingled with fear at his touch, causing what felt like a swarm of butterflies to pool in her belly. She had to get away from him. Now.



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Shirleen Davies writes romance—historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense. She grew up in Southern California, attended Oregon State University, and has degrees from San Diego State University and the University of Maryland. During the day she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find redemption through love and acceptance. She now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona.
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