Magic Moment by Angela Adams


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Amazon Encore

Date of Publication: August 5, 2015

ISBN:         978-1440554940


Number of pages: 264

Word Count: 65K


Book Description:

When the FBI brings Laura Roberts – a quiet, reserved bookkeeper – in for questioning regarding activities at the warehouse where she works, an uneasy Laura resigns her job – only to be attacked by thugs.

Chase Donovan intends to spend a few peaceful days on his boat getting his head together – and finds a woman being assaulted by two men who say his father told them to do it.

Chase doesn’t want to believe his father could hurt anyone. Laura doesn’t understand why she’s a target. Can they learn to work together to discover the truth – before someone dies?





Laura is having lunch at the local diner when two FBI agents approach her and insist she come down to headquarters and answer a few questions. A bewildered Laura finds Chase Donovan, her boss’s son, coming to her aid.

“Laura works for my father,” Chase said. “If I don’t see some identification, she’s not going anywhere with you.” To prove his point, his hand moved downward and his fingers wrapped gently around her forearm.

Chase also worked for his father, although what his role was within the business was generally debatable among the clientele. This was so embarrassing. In the three years Laura had worked as Dick Donovan’s bookkeeper, her conversations with his son had been work-related or cordial exchanges about the weather. If there was any chance of the floor opening up and swallowing her, she considered now the perfect time.

She turned to Chase. “Thank you for your concern. I’ve seen their identification.” She didn’t mention the hasty badge flip. “They have me confused with someone else. I’ll take care of the error, and get back to the office as soon as I can.”

“Let me go with you.” Chase tossed the men a wary glance. He still held her arm. “You should have an attorney.”

Laura winced, truly mortified. There was no need for an attorney or involving Chase Donovan in calling one. She had done nothing illegal. “I’m fine.”

My Thoughts

What I loved: I loved the attention-grabbing opening, and  how the main character, Laura, is taken from an ordinary life and plunged into adventure. The initiating event, where Laura’s life is endangered and Chase rescues her is exciting and detailed, setting the scene for  more intrigue.  The fact that Chase’s father might be involved only heightens the tension. Angela Adams provides details and imagery that clearly paint the characters and setting.  Chase and Laura are well developed and read true to life.

What I wanted more of: It’s hard to talk about some of the plot elements without giving away spoilers.  I thought the relationships between Chase and Laura developed too quickly (insta-love)  while the action is left on the back burner after the initiating event. And I wanted more action and adventure for Laura and Chase early on! Then I couldn’t quite believe how easily Laura accepts Chase’s suggestion on how to keep her safe…but you will have to read to find out.  While the emotions seem real between them, some of the  relationship complications come about quickly and with little thought by the characters.

And finally: A well written fun romantic thriller, that focuses more on the romance.  If you want to really get to know two interesting characters, Chase and Laura, Magic Moment is for you.

About the Author:

Angela Adams writes and reviews contemporary romances. Her work has appeared in Romance at Heart, Oysters and Chocolate, Whipped Cream Reviews and The Long and Short Reviews. Her short story, “Burgers and Hot Chocolate” appeared in the Whimsical Publications’ anthology, Winter Wonders.  Magic Moment is her first novel.

Angela is a member of Romance Writers of America, and its chapters From the Heart Romance Writers and Elements of RWA.

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