Everything Everything Review



I really wanted to love Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. Instead I came away just liking it, and I most enjoyed the last 100 pages. The premise is interesting.  Maddy, the protagonist, suffers from a rare disease that keeps her trapped in the house. One day, new neighbors move in and she meets Olly.  Olly and Maddy are well portrayed teen characters and the dialogue between them kept me intrigued and hoping that they would end up together.

Still, from the start, something wasn’t right. Maddy’s mom and the loss of her brother and father were glossed over and the day-to-day consequences of her disease were never clarified or explained.  While the reader comes to understand this by the end, the beginning left me unbelieving and unable to connect to Maddy and her mother.

Overall, a quick summer read with a good twist at the end.

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