Rory and Bowen’s Playlist

Rory and Bowen, teen sleuths extraordinaire and amateur ghost hunters, share their favorite songs and why they like listening to them. Rory and Bowen also want you to know that while this is a great introduction to who they are, you can learn much more when you read Wear White to your Funeral. (Originally published on Kindle and Me at

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1. Waiting for my Real Life to Begin by Colin Hay

Living in Trumbull, Connecticut with her aunt has ruined Rory’s life. She can’t wait for college and to begin doing what she wants.
2. Simple Song by the Shins
Rory is afraid of her strong connection to Bowen, but he is able to calm her fears.
3. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
There is drama, love, hate, murder and a ghost! Yes, a ghost haunts Rory.
4. Can’t Take my Eyes off of You by Lauryn Hill
Rory is enamored with Bowen but battling her insecurities. She’s crushing hard, but refuses to admit it.
5. Young by Cosmos and Creature
Rory wants to stay with Bowen, be safe and develop their relationship. Two problems stand in the way: a ghost and a murder leave her wishing for more innocent days.

1. About a Girl by Nirvana

Bowen knows from day one that Rory is something special and the someone he has been looking for.
2. Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard
Bowen is ready to give Rory all the time she needs to fall in love. He’s committed and not going anywhere.
3. Steal my Kisses by Ben Harper
Rory has a harder time letting go of her fears and Bowen has to “steal” a few kisses to let her know how he feels.
4. Run by Snow Patrol
Bowen is at Rory’s side as they run from the evils around them, whether human or supernatural.
5. It’s the End of the World as We Know It by R.E.M.
Could a murderous stalker and an evil spirit be the end of Bowen and Rory? While it might be the end of the world, Bowen is enjoying the ride.

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