Omens by Kelley Armstrong

4.5 Stars

Born into wealth, engaged to the perfect man, Olivia Jones never imagined how quickly her life could unravel, but it does when she learns she’s adopted.  Her world in upheaval, Olivia ends up moving to the small town of Cainsville.  Once in Cainsville things get interesting. 


It is hard to explain too much of the book’s premise without giving away spoilers.  Think serial killers, a hot lawyer, a town full of gargoyles and secrets, a mystery to be solved, and some paranormal occurrences. The book delivers everything fans of Kelley Armstrong expect.  For the most part, the story is excellent.  It draws the reader in and keeps them engrossed the entire time.  Personally, I found it hard to put the book down.


The two main characters are realistic, slightly flawed individuals, and the dialogue works to develop your empathy for both.  In addition to Olivia, there are many other well-developed, interesting secondary characters in Cainsville.  One of the minor faults in the story is that beyond the attention-grabbing people in the town, there are even more characters to get to know.  Numerous others exist who are connected to the mystery Olivia and her lawyer, Gabriel Walsh, attempt to solve.  With so many personalities, keeping them straight becomes a chore.


While I loved the many mysteries and how Olivia and Gabriel react to each new development, the climax of the book was over the top.  As a lover of paranormal romance and urban fiction, I am quick to suspend disbelief, but I kept wondering, “Could this really happen?” Overall, Omens was an excellent read and one I highly recommend. The book grabs the reader’s attention and never slows down.  I cannot wait for the next novel in the series and the chance to read more about Olivia and Gabriel and the town of Cainsville.  

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