Under the Tree

I’ve been thinking…If I could pick three books to end up under my Christmas tree as gifts what would they be?  Not an easy question to answer.  Like most writers, I tend to read voraciously and usually buy or download books I want to read.  If I don’t buy a book, I’ll go to the library to get a copy of something I want to enjoy.  But there are always more books to peruse, and if I could leave a list for Santa, here is what I would like to see under the tree Christmas morning.

  1. A classic. Every year the list of classic novels I would like to read grows.  I would love a classic book under the tree so that I could check at least one of the many titles off my list.  Since I am currently delving more into science fiction and fantasy, that is the genre I would request this year. I have had the great joy of reading Dune, Fahrenheit 451, and 1984, among others, but I would like to try another book from Ray Bradbury.  My first pick would be The Martian Chronicles under my tree.
  2. Non-fiction.  A chance encounter in New Haven, Connecticut brought me in contact with a wonderful historian and author, Debbie Applegate, and made me think about the people in Connecticut’s history. While not a big non-fiction or biography reader, lately I want to understand history and the world around me through non-fiction biography.  My second book under the tree would be The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher. Check out Debbie Applegate’s work at http://www.themostfamousmaninamerica.com/
  3. A new author. As most indie authors, I often struggle to find my audience and brand. This year it is time to take a chance on someone new.  I love to read new authors and support emerging talent and hope you do as well.  Katie McKnight’s debut novel has garnered much praise on Amazon with twenty-seven five star reviews and became a best seller on the publishers website.  If you like love stories and suspense, this is for you.  If you prefer a different genre, consider another new author.   My last book under the tree would be Secrets Revealed by Katie McKnight available on Amazon.

I’d love to know your list.  Please leave a comment and I will pick one lucky reader to receive an e-copy of my latest book, Remote.

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