Book Landers Review of Remote

In case you missed the Book Landers Review of Remote.  

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I love the world Lisa Acerbo has created in Remote. Two characters live two very different lives. Josh is used to living a virtual reality, heeding the New State’s laws; Yara spends her life underground or raiding the New State city during night. The author really draws some interesting perspectives into the novel, such as how taking technology too far can inhibit social skills–something that seems terrifyingly possible in the near future.
The pacing of the novel was very fast, and yes, this does include the relationship between Josh and Yara.  Normally I don’t like insta-love situations, but it worked in this case.  None of their relationship felt forced.
Yara is quite the character…I seem to have mixed feelings about her.  Although she wants to be treated like an adult, I can’t help but feel some of her choices were rather immature.  Also, it seems as if she couldn’t keep a single secret…On one hand, I admire her courage and her loyalty to the Underground (the name of the rebel group in which she grew up in.)  However, on the other I felt like she didn’t appreciate the sacrifices her parents have made for her.
Josh was a unique character, breaking many male character stereotypes in the YA sci-fi/romance genre. First of all, he’s a “tech head.” Much of his life depended on the CHIP embedded within his head.  He’s not fit, he’s not strong (physically) and he has an open innocence that Yara had lost a long time ago.
Overall, I thought the plot and premise of Remote was excellent.  The only quips I had with the book was that I couldn’t really seem to connect with Yara. Also, I felt like at times the story moved along so fast that much of the plot development was glazed over.  It would’ve been nice if there had been more showing rather than telling. Nevertheless, Remote is worth a read if you’re looking for a quick sci-fi/romance.


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