Ghost Hunting Tip #8

Wear White to Your Funeral comes out in 8 days. Here’s the third day of 10 days of tips for would be ghost hunters.

Ghost Hunting Tip #8: Keep calm and carry on. It is vital to stay calm and focused in scary and unusual situations. Fear can cause injuries, and who know if and how ghosts react to emotions.


Ghost Hunting Tip #9: Research, research, research. Find out everything you can about the place and possible ghostly entities. Are they benevolent or not? Anything happen in the past? What type of experience should you expect? Know before you go!

Ghost Hunting Tip #10: Go to the site in daytime first. See what’s there and be aware!

Meet the White Lady, a ghost haunting Union Cemetery in Easton CT, on October 28 at the ONLINE release party.


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